Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla
Biden’s ludicrous attempt to unify the country by attacking Trump... and How Woke DA’s are making criminals’ lives easier

On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Co-Host of “Outnumbered” Emily Compagno weighs in on new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s lenient crime policies. PLUS, Florida Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack tells Jimmy what she thinks about lockdown politicians such as Congressman Eric Swalwell fleeing to her state for a winter getaway.

[00:00:00] Biden isn’t healing the country

[00:14:24] Newt on Biden’s speech

[00:18:23] Cruz’s false Jan. 6th characterization

[00:35:41] Joy Reid’s MSNBC future

[00:36:47] Woke DA’s are hurting the country

[00:52:37] December jobs report

[00:55:10] Emily Compagno

[01:05:39] Jenny Failla

[01:13:36] SCOTUS vax mandates hearing

[01:27:56] Steve on herd immunity

[01:31:49] Rep. Kat Cammack

[01:43:20] Lincoln Failla

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