Big Tech Earnings: Microsoft & Google, What Went Wrong For Spotify & Pinterest This Quarter & the Shopify President

Microsoft and Alphabet reported earnings last night with clean beats, both banking big in reaching post-pandemic peaks. Ranjan Roy, one half of the duo behind the Substack tech newsletter “The Margins,” joins us to discuss the tech giants’ revenue growth, the future of Cloud and which companies are positioned well coming out of the pandemic. Then, Shopify President Harley Finkelstein makes his TechCheck debut to talk the company reporting better than expected earnings and revenue for its quarter, benefitting from the online shopping boom. We also jump into some of the earnings misses, covering Spotify’s tough day after earnings were reported. And Julia Boorstin details the slump in Pinterest’s subscriber growth, as pandemic restrictions are eased. Finally, Basecamp Co-Founder David Heinemeier Hansson comes on the show to address the pushback he’s received from Basecamp’s decision to ban political conversations at work. Listen in for that spirited conversation and all the tech movers of the day.

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