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Value Stack
Bitcoin and the Financial System - w/ Sam Callahan from Swan Bitcoin│VS12

This week, we were joined by Sam Callahan from Swan Bitcoin. We talk a wide range of topics related to bitcoin, financial planning, and macroeconomics.

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Value Stack, where old finance and Bitcoin meet. We discuss current events and age old human biases as we dissect Bitcoin’s ascension.

If you’re interested in investing, economics, Bitcoin, and libertarian ideas, then Value Stack Podcast is for you! Brought to you by @Shaperfunds and @BTCBap.


0:00 A Word About Our Sponsor –

1:00 Opening Remarks / Intro

5:00 Dorsey leaves Twitter – All in Bitcoin?

11:00 Michael Saylor Orange-Pilling the Masses on Tucker Carlson

16:30 Money and Network Effects

19:00 Why Bitcoin? Security and Institutional Adoption

22:30 Balaji Srinivasan and Altcoins on Tim Ferris

29:20 Boating Accident of the Week – Badger DAO

34:30 Sam Callahan – Background and Working at Swan

43:00 Bitcoin and Leverage – Is is Rational?

47:00 Lowering Time Preference in a Fiat World

53:00 Bitcoin for Financial Advisors at Swan

57:15 How Can Financial Advisors Get Direct Exposure to Bitcoin?

1:01:00 Navigating Crypto Regulation

1:10:00 Current Macroeconomic Picture and Demographics

1:16:40 What Can the Federal Reserve do?

1:21:10 Should you DCA or Market Buy Bitcoin?

1:27:40 2022 Predictions

1:31:41 Outro


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