Next Question with Katie Couric
Next Question with Katie Couric
Book tour bonus with Kara Swisher

This week on Next Question, Katie is sharing some interviews from her whirlwind, nine-city book tour, where she brought her memoir, “Going There,” to life and also shared the stage with some very special guests. On Oct. 30, Katie traveled down to Washington, D.C. and was joined at The Anthem theater by Kara Swisher — tech journalist, podcast host, nuisance to all of Silicon Valley. Katie and Kara talk about the future of media, the public’s disintegrating trust in journalism, and all of those Facebook documents. Katie and Kara reference an interview Katie did with Sheryl Sandberg in 2019, where Katie held the Facebook COO’s feet to the flame. You can find that interview and episode here. Get more from Kara Swisher on Twitter, or her podcasts Sway from the New York Times, and Pivot from New York Magazine.
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