Brendan Leonard – How to Run 100 Miles, Get Paid to Write Books and Blogs, and Make Movies and Cartoons About Adventure
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Brendan’s Wild Idea: To make a living creating stories about adventure and the human experience through books, film and art.

Brendan Leonard is the creator of Semi-Rad, a blog he started in 2011. He’s also an author, adventurer, illustrator, filmmaker, ultra-marathoner, and an all-around interesting guy. Most of his work showcases the joy that comes from adventures done by the everyman and woman, not just for the experts and pros, but people like you and I who like to hit the trails and mountains too!

You may recognize Brendan from the movie he just made with REI called How to Run 100 Miles, which is not only about his journey to train for and run an ultra-marathon with his close friend, but it’s about so much more. He’s also a contributor to sites like Dirtbag Diaries and The Adventure Journal, and the author of three books including a memoir about how he overcame addiction. Over the last year, he has built a large following, from his hilarious Seinfeld-esque illustration on his Semi_Rad Instagram account that documents the daily choices we make in the outdoors and as adults.

This episode is full of gems and wisdom from a guy making it happen in a major way. Brendan has a great sense of humor, and is not afraid to laugh at himself, a trait I find incredibly admirable. Enjoy!

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You’ve ever run a long race (have any desire to run one).
  • You want to work for yourself.
  • You want to get paid to do art without being a pro.
  • You love being outside.
  • You’re an adventurer or you like to laugh.

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