Building a People First Business with Lauren Kennedy

Sometimes you know you’re destined to run your own business. You work for companies and realize that you can’t really work within the confines of a corporate structure. It’s something I realized pretty much in high school. And it’s something today’s guest, Lauren Kennedy, has known all her life. Realizing then, she took her drive and built a marketing automation company‚Ķwith a twist. While both marketing and automation can be terms associated with the impersonal, she’s set out to build a people-first company. And that’s the main focus of our discussion today. Of-course, it didn’t stop me from asking about marketing automation. And in Build Something More, we talk about being active and helping people on social media, including Reddit.

Top Takeaways

  • Sales is the authentic exchange of knowledge – you’re showing people what you know, and what you can do. Put another way, your knowledge is not proprietary. Your ability to do it is.
  • The goal of marketing automation is to get as much done with as few resources as possible. You can make sure you communicate personally and properly with the right automations.
  • Be a sponge. Take every opportunity to learn and absorb – about your craft, about your clients, about your employees. Then squeeze it back out.
  • Pre show release – how hard it is to come up with an elevator pitch for yourself, imposter syndrome

Show Notes:

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