Building a Successful Content Empire in a Crowded Field with Christine Pittman

Finding time as a busy creator or small business owner can be tough. But what about being a single mom, running a content business, in a competitive space, and making money doing? That’s exactly what Christine Pittman does, running her hugely successfully cooking blogs and podcasts. Tune in to get tips about starting, staying consistent, making money, and the important role analytics plays in all of it. Plus, in Build Something More, we talk about what it’s like cooking for our kids as business-running parents.

Top Takeaways:

  • Batch your content! You want to plan ahead, build a stock pile, and release it slowly. That way you can create consistently and build your content empire.
  • Analytics is the key to everything. You will best serve your audience by understanding what resonates most with them, and putting out more content like it. Christine found her niche in a crowded field by focusing in on a couple of specific food types.
  • Repurposing content allows you to reach more people based on their preferred way to consume. Christine has thousands of recipes she can resurface thanks to her podcast, which she uses to drive traffic to her blogs.

Show Notes:

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