Building The Berkshire Hathaway of The Internet with Andrew Wilkinson
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Andrew Wilkinson (@awilkinson) co-founder of Tiny, joins Erik and co-host David Booth (@david__booth), CEO of OnDeck, on this episode.

They discuss:

– His story of building businesses in high school and how he ended up as the head of a family of 25 different companies with over 400 employees.

– How they think about acquiring or investing in businesses and what they are looking for.

– Where they get their capital.

– How they think about founder liquidity and why they often invest in founders who want to leave the business.

– Where they’re looking to invest and what’s most interesting to them.

– Why they don’t want to be a venture studio.

– How they make sure they have alignment with their CEOs.

– Why private equity is suited to remote work.

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