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Change Google Search Location | SEO in Different Countries

This tutorial episode is going to be most valuable if you follow along with it on my YouTube channel here.

I’ll show you how to change your Google Search location to carry out SEO keyword research in different countries. If you’re a growth marketer or are someone looking to grow their business, you should be working on SEO as an early-bird marketing strategy. SEO is great for long-term growth and is most definitely not dead even in 2021. When implementing an SEO strategy, you’re looking to carry out keyword research for your business product or service. If you’re in a different location (thanks Location Services setting????) to where you want to see search results for a particular keyword you’re searching, don’t worry. There is an easy SEO hack you can use on the Google Search Engine in order to change your search results and the region they optimise for.

My name’s Neil Patel and I’m an ex-Technical Consultant who’s now digital marketer & host of the Growth Vertical podcast. This is a podcast to inspire people to reach the next vertical point in their journeys. I’ll be sitting down to share my experiences in marketing and personal growth to provide the right strategies for people to grow themselves, their careers and their businesses.

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