Audience Coach | Build Your Audience as a Health and Wellness Coach
Audience Coach | Build Your Audience as a Health and Wellness Coach
Content Trends for Health and Wellness Business in 2022, with Neil Patel

Want to know the marketing trends for Health & Wellness entrepreneurs and coaches next year? Top marketing guru Neil Patel gives us a glimpse of the trends and effective strategies that small service-based business owners can use to start the year 2022 with better chances of success. Learn the strategies that will work and what you’ll need to stop doing, especially if you are just starting out in the industry.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Neil Patel’s perspective on life and business
  • Major trends in marketing in 2022 that can affect businesses in the Health & Wellness industry
  • Platforms and effective marketing strategies in 2022
  • What’s the forecast in podcasting?
  • Effective ways for new podcast shows to be more visible
  • How to manage the challenge of producing multiple podcasts a week
  • Other platforms to use to build communities aside from Facebook groups
  • How does automation impact small businesses next year?
  • Automation tools to get you started
  • Marketing activities that you need to stop doing in 2022
  • Using Instagram as your website and CRM platform – is this okay?
  • The most important tip for new podcasters in 2022
  • Neil’s recommended tools for new podcast shows of service-based businesses


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