The Megyn Kelly Show
The Megyn Kelly Show
COVID Lockdown Reality and MSNBC Banned from Rittenhouse Courtroom, with Dr. Scott Atlas, Robert Barnes, and Dan Abrams | Ep. 206

Megyn Kelly is joined by Dr. Scott Atlas, former Trump administration COVID advisor and author of “A Plague Upon Our House,” Robert Barnes, Kyle Rittenhouse’s former civil attorney, and Dan Abrams, SiriusXM host and founder of the Law&Crime Network, to talk about the reality of the cost of lockdowns, how Atlas tried to undo COVID damage of Fauci and Birx, the need to have “focused protection,” the science on masks, the latest on vaccine mandates, whether boosters are necessary, the importance of weighing risk tolerance with COVID, how the media smeared Dr. Atlas, the key video quality question in the Rittenhouse trial, MSNBC getting banned from the Rittenhouse trial courtroom after a producer followed the jury bus, and more.

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