Noah Kagan Presents
Noah Kagan Presents
Creating Your Own Digital Country Club (w/ Moses Kagan)

Moses Kagan is co-founder of Adaptive Realty, a Los Angeles-based real estate private equity firm that has overseen the acquisition and rehabilitation of nearly 100 properties.

Moses finds beaten-down buildings in LA and buys, renovates, and holds them as long term investments — an atypical strategy compared to most real estate private equity firms. Niching down has given him a competitive advantage in one of the most cut-throat real estate markets in the world, but getting to this point has been far from easy.

In this episode, Moses shares the downside of working in the fringes of the LA real estate market, the tactics he uses to capitalize on market inefficiencies and how he’s leveraged a decade of writing online to create his own digital “country club”.

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