Hustle And Flowchart - Web3 and The Creator Economy
Hustle And Flowchart - Web3 and The Creator Economy
Cryptocurrencies And The Bigger Picture That Has Us So Excited

We had a realization that we might have moved to fast with the new direction of our show.

We got a bit excited and started sharing everything we were learning. The problem is that we might have skipped explaining a few things and giving the additional context required to fully understand this space.

On today’s episode, we take a step back and jump to the 30,000 foot macro-view of what we’re seeing the crypto / Web3 space and why we’re so excited and bullish on the future of it.

Tune into this special episode to get all the details… Then join us in the Discord community to discuss.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to access secret areas of our Discord channel
  • The historic events that led to our current economic crisis
  • How cryptocurrencies provide opportunities for everyone to grow wealth
  • A breakdown of some of the common terms in the space
  • The relationship between inflation and our favorite burritos
  • The new career opportunities as a video-gamer
  • How to actually start making money by playing video games
  • Creator tokens and why they’re the next big thing for influencers
  • The MASSIVE opportunity for marketers in Web3 and crypto
  • How YouTubers and creators fit into the mix
  • NFTs, $200,000 JPEGs, and being a part of a tribe
  • How to permanently cure boredom with social media

Resources Mentioned:

Dive Even Deeper:

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