The Miko Santos Podtalk Channel
The Miko Santos Podtalk Channel
Daniel Gefen | Why Podcasting is powerful to deliver your message


Why you should be guesting on Podcasts?. Today’s guest is Daniel Gefen, founder, and CEO of PodBooker will give us insight into why Guesting on Podcast is important to grow your business.

Mr. Gefen said Podcast interviews convert 25 times better than blogs and 38 percent of people who listen to podcasts state that they have purchased products mentioned on those podcasts.

In This Episode, We discuss

2:35 – Why Podcasting is powerful to deliver your message

10:37 – How started?

12:14 – Fear is can be your best friend or could be your worse enemy

14:44 – Why podcasting is helpful to your business

20:55 – What critical Skills that entrepreneurs need in Podcasting

23:48 – Good quality Content is king


Daniel went from jumping on classroom tables and getting detention for wanting attention to impacting millions of people in his underwear. He went from being completely invisible with no online following to growing his top-rated podcast to over 250,000 downloads, interviewing billionaires and world-class leaders, and becoming an international bestselling author in less than 2 years.

After being pitched hundreds of times by lazy PR agencies he launched Gefen Media Group – one of the first podcast booking agencies and helped influential authors sell hundreds of thousands of books by getting them on top rated podcasts. Seeing a gap in the market for people who couldn’t afford to hire a booking agency, he launched Podbooker – a platform for guests and hosts to easily connect. Daniel lives in Israel with his wife of 13 years and 5 little rascals.

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Miko Santos is a Podcaster and founder of Auspod Syndicate and Guerrilla Podcast Syndicate that was formerly based in New Zealand.

Aside from being a creative copywriter for TV and Radio in the past, Miko worked as a features writer/journalist for eight years in the Philippines – covering big events such as EDSA 2 and 3 and the 2011 Christchurch Killer Earthquake for GMA 7. He was also a PR Manager in Thailand for two years.

At present, he is focused on podcasting and thrives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two kids.

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