Do Personality Tests Actually Work? (Insightful Data)

Today Eric discusses if personality tests are actually helpful from a business perspective. Tuning in you’ll hear about his three favorite personality tests, how they work, and how they differ. Eric gives a breakdown of what these different tests have said about him and compares his personality test results to those of a team member, Noah. Eric explains how these tests can be used to help team members understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses to work well together, as well as identify gaps that can be filled in with other personalities. Find out whether or not personality tests may be useful for your business and how to choose the one that’s right for you.


  • [00:21] Eric explains how personality tests are used in business.
  • [00:55] The personality tests that Eric finds useful starting with Ray Dalio’s PrinciplesYou test.
  • [01:55] Eric uses the PrinciplesYou test to compare his personality to a team member’s personality.
  • [04:04] How the test can be used to identify gaps and find team members with the right personalities to fill them.
  • [06:04] Another test that Eric recommends: The Predictive Index.
  • [06:16] How The Predictive Index shows you your key strengths and blind spots.
  • [07:41] The StrengthsFinder test and how it compares to the other personality tests.
  • [08:03] What StrengthsFinder says about Eric and Noah’s personalities.
  • [09:37] Closing thoughts on why Eric thinks personality tests do actually work and the importance of choosing the right one.
  • [09:56] Let Eric know in the comments if he missed any great personality tests, subscribe, and hit the bell button.

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