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The Indian Startup Show
Dr. Geetha Manjunath CEO & CTO of NIRAMAI on changing the way cancer is detected.

I catch up with Dr Geetha Manjunath, CEO & CTO of NIRAMAI, a deep-tech startup, offering a radiation-free, non-invasive, non-touch, breast cancer screening solution. I spoke to her back in Sept 2017 (Ep67) when they only had a handful of customers, now they are one of the top deep tech startups in India. In this episode we talk about their core technology called Thermalytix. How they have innovated during the pandemic. Talk about how they create AI/ML models and how they test them before production. Talk about scaling issues & being part of Google Launchpad and Phillips accelerators. How they have shortened the B2C sales life cycle from 6 months to 6 weeks. Thoughts on selling to hospitals. A deep dive on how do they train the machine when there is little data. She also talks about developing (AI)-based computer-aided software for controlling the spread of River Blindness with the help from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. She takes a trip down memory lane and talks about being a member of the C-DAC team which built the first commercial indian supercomputer. And finally she gives great advice for first time entrepreneurs.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Talk about patents & IP.
  • Being a thought leader
  • Supervised v Unsupervised learning
  • Launching a new B2C home screening service
  • Working with data augmentation
  • Thermal imaging
  • Taking it to the villages
  • Scaling from 1 to 10 then 10 to 100
  • Using microservices
  • Getting in the shoes of the users
  • Are they still a startup?
  • Major milestones reached
  • Healthcare startups take time!

and much more!



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music by Punch Deck.

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