E13: SPACsgiving Special! More promising vaccine news, innovation vs. regulation, reforming higher ed, morality of challenge trials & more

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NYT Article – Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine


Show Notes:

0:00 Besties congratulate Friedberg & Chamath for taking Metromile public, Chamath explains a PIPE, Sacks & Jason express their discontent for being left out of the first bestie SPAC

10:59 More positive vaccine news, NYT article on Operation Warp Speed: did the Trump administration nail it?

21:50 How will the COVID experience impact the response to the next pandemic? Morality of challenge trials, hypocrisy of regulatory capture around gambling, drug use, pharma, etc.

35:25 Why innovation has occurred so rapidly on the Internet: Permissionless innovation & lack of regulators, regulation vs. innovation

47:07 Thoughts on ISAs & how they could disrupt overpriced higher education, Dave Chappelle’s contract with Comedy Central

59:58 Trump accepts defeat (sort of), Biden’s cabinet selections so far

1:06:29 What the besties are thankful for

1:14:50 Peace in the Middle East being achieved by declining reliance on oil, based on resume alone – would Trump have won if not for his antics?

1:21:01 Code 13!

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