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In this episode, I discuss Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and the student loan crisis. I discuss a variety of points regarding these topics, including:

  • Could the government pay for your university education?
  • Should we limit to how much debt students can accumulate?
  • Traditional IPO vs. SPACs


  • My First Million Podcast:
  • What is a SPAC:
  • Chamath Palihapitiya: @Chamath
  • Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis ‘Student Loans Decoded’:

Note: I mistakenly mention the Student Loans Company (SLC) being in England only. SLC is accross all U.K. countries.

My Twitter: @FinancialSon

Episode Summary: Intro (00:11), What are SPACs? (00:43), Where does the money raised by a SPAC go initially? (04:16), Traditional IPO vs. SPAC (05:25), What do I think of SPACs (07:09), Student loan crisis (09:07), How do UK students payback student loans? (11:37), What if the government makes university free? (16:03), Limit how much debt you can accumulate as a student? (17:08), Summary (19:05).

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