All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
E36: New FTC Chair, breaking up big tech, government silent spying, Jon Stewart, wildfires & more

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00:00 Besties intro

03:37 Lina Khan appointed to the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission

07:02 Will Lina break up big tech? Which one will be first?

18:02 Potential repercussions to consumers

27:48 Sacks’ antitrust experience at PayPal vs. Ebay, Visa & MasterCard

29:50 Google’s multi-trillion dollar data trove

35:40 The U.S. government’s capability to silently take data while “gagging” Big Tech

53:32 COVID’s psychic shadow, Friedberg’s office landlord is still requiring masks

1:00:17 Jon Stewart’s lab leak bit on Stephen Colbert’s show

1:10:04 California’s wildfire risk increasing with climate change

1:20:57 Besties summer plans

Referenced in the show:

Chamath’s 2019 Annual Letter re: Big Tech breakup

Big Tech Gag Order (mentioned by Sacks)

Obama Administration Record Seizure (mentioned by Sacks)

California Forest fire maps (mentioned by Friedberg)

Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory

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