The Society Show with Christian Patterson
The Society Show with Christian Patterson
Ep 58: Saturday Night Live controversies w/ John Carroll

News and chat about society, with a soundboard and propaganda mixed in. On all podcast platforms. It’s the HD era! This episode, I was joined by John (twitter: @jhncrrll_ youtube: pizzaboyfriend). We primarily talked about Saturday Night Live controversies. The things we covered include:

– Society Show quiz: Bodybuilder? Or fictional president?

– Resident Evil Village and horror video games

– Classic WoW The Burning Crusade

– Ashlee Simpson lip syncing to Pieces of Me on SNL

– SNL Cast member Nora Dunn and Sinead O’Connor boycotted when Andrew Dice Clay appeared on the show

– Sinead O’Connor altered Bob Marley song to be about child sexual abuse in the catholic church

– O’Connor tore a photo of Pope John Paul II

– Rage Against the Machine’s appearance on SNL with Steve Forbes

– Steve Forbes’ 1996 President Campaign’s terrible logo

– Wayne’s World joke, criticizing 12 year old Chelsea Clinton’s appearance

– Chrissy Teigen’s mean tweets about Courtney Stodden

– Amanda Bynes being treated like an easy target, and how the most vulnerable famous people get the most criticism

– Norm Macdonald getting fired from the Weekend Update after accidentally swearing live

– Many people believe Norm was actually fired for claiming OJ was guilty

– NBC Entertainment president Don Ohlmeyer was friends with OJ and threw a party for the jurors who acquitted OJ

– A Louis CK sketch on SNL that burrowed heavily from a Tig Notaro short film

– Pete Davidson’s extremely mild joke at Dan Crenshaw’s expense

– SNL’s cowardly apology to Dan Crenshaw

– Our overall perspective on current SNL and where it went so wrong

– All of that, and much much more, this is the Society Show!

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