The Op-Ed Page with Elisa Camahort Page
The Op-Ed Page with Elisa Camahort Page
Ep. 60: Apparently only ONE thing in life is certain

This week on The Op-Ed Page with Elisa Camahort Page:
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1. Apparently only one thing in life is certain, and it isn’t taxes

ProPublica report on how the wealthiest avoid taxes:

Kara Swisher podcast interview with ProPublica:

Anand Giridharadas in the NYT on The Myth of the Good Billionaire:

Historical look at the income gap:

2. Elisa’s Origin Story Part #4: Transitioning into tech

How I transitioned:
-Let people I knew in tech know I was looking
-Figured out my most likely transferrable skills
-Didn’t walk in with preconceived notions about who I needed to be or what I needed to do
-Getting foot in the door applies any time you want to shift or transition
-Life doesn’t have to be linear, and neither does your career
-If your choice wasn’t the right one? Choose something else
-Don’t worry on day one about what happens if you’re wrong.

3. Quick Takes

My newsletter on the CEO Gap that matter:

Dan Rather’s newsletter on the media coverage of Manchin vs. the GOP Senators:

TV mentioned:

High on the Hog:

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