The Society Show with Christian Patterson
The Society Show with Christian Patterson
Ep 72: Guatemala Genocide, International disasters and chaos

News and chat about society, with a soundboard and propaganda mixed in. On this episode, I was completely solo! This is Season 5, at the show’s brand new venue: the beautiful Lorena Bobbitt Theatre. It’s the HD era! Some of the things covered include:

– Danish Islam revert goes on spree in Norway with bow and arrows

– Large fire broke out in abandoned Taiwan flop house style building, killing dozens

– Protests in Beirut, and the murder of six protesters by sniper rifles

– The long lasting consequences of the Beirut explosion

– Israeli housing developments being constructed in West Bank and East Jerusalem

– British MP David Amess stabbed at a constituency meeting

– Four Russian tourists discovered dead at an Albanian resort

– Conflict flares up between the Kosovo government and ethnically Serbian Kosovars

– Three movie reviews: No Time to Die, It (2017), and Hubie Halloween

– The Guatemala Genocide: the prolonged genocide and asymmetric civil war between military dictators and indigenous farmers

– CIA and United Fruit Company intervention in Guatemala

– The series of in-fighting, rigged elections, and coups in Guatemala

– Right wing death squads with full immunity to kill anyone the perceived to be an “insurgent” or “collaborator”

– Complete massacres of Maya villages because they could only be labeled as collaborators

– Many people abducted and “disappeared” in Guatemala City after curfew implemented

All of that, and much much more, this is the Society Show!

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