The Society Show with Christian Patterson
The Society Show with Christian Patterson
Ep 76: Chevy Chase and the Steely Dans, and My Freaking Ex-Wife w/ Bunkerboy

News and chat about society, with a soundboard and propaganda mixed in. On this episode, I was completely solo! This is Season 5, at the show’s brand new venue: the beautiful Lorena Bobbitt Theatre. It’s the HD era! Some of the things covered include:

– On Earth-2, The Society Show features a wide array of interesting guests, including Chevy Chase and the Steely Dans

– COP26, Kyle Rittenhouse, scorpions in Egypt, and my FREAKING EX-WIFE!

– Movie reviews: Titane, Dune, They Came Together, House

– Waco University in Texas: the great, anti-cancel culture (online) college(/social media website)

– An interview with the Bunker Boy, the man who got married in a bunker that his parents built after the US invasion of Grenada

– Peter Thiel’s interest in Rene Girard, and his theory of mimetic desire

– Peter Thiel’s book The Diversity Myth, with David Sacks, who is also denounced by the Society Show

– How Peter Thiel, David Sacks, and obviously Elon Musk, are weird rich South African apartheid guys

– Thiel’s ambition to use digital money to destabilize nation-states, and what he wants to replace it

– Thiel’s rejection of the Enlightenment, and the political implications of that

– Following Astroworld, I look into other stampedes

– The stampede earlier this year at a religious pilgrimage site in Israel

– The stampede that occurred at the state funeral for Qassem Suleimani in Iran 2020

– The long (and recent) history of massively deadly stampedes at Mecca and Medina for Hajj

All of that, and much much more, this is the Society Show!

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