Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast
Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast
Episode 104: What’s the Average Lifetime Value (ALV) of an MSP client?

In this week’s episode

  • Are you prepared to out-spend your competitors to attract new clients? You will be when you calculate the Average Lifetime Value (ALV) of a client to your business! This week Paul takes a deep dive into how you can link your marketing to the ALV of a potential new client
  • It can be hard for a prospect to jump straight into a monthly recurring revenue relationship. Paul explains more about the special low-cost purchases that can help convert prospects into regular clients
  • And, is the future of IT support in the hands of artificial intelligence? This week’s featured guest is working on a system to help your MSP shoulder some of the heavy lifting

Featured guest

Lucas Meadowcroft is this week's featured guest on Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Thank you to Lucas Meadowcroft from Tribu for joining Paul to talk about how artificial intelligence could be help you deliver IT support in the future.

Pushing the boundaries when it comes to tech & innovation, his mission is to change the MSP industry forever. For more than 17 years he has served a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to scale-ups, with the highest calibre in helping businesses leverage the latest technology trends, digitally transforms organisations and drive competitive advantage.

Connect with Lucas on LinkedIn.

Show notes

  • Out every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platform
  • Presented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expert
  • Here’s a link to the book Paul mentioned Influence by Dr Robert Cialdini
  • Paul suggested listening back to Episode 91 for more on the subject of risk reversals and guarantees
  • Register for a free copy of Paul’s book
  • Thank you to Stormie Andrews from the Yokel Local marketing agency for recommending the book Post Corona by Scott Galloway
  • In the next show on November 16th Paul will be joined by Todd Kane from Evolve Management Consulting, talking about how to run your business instead of your business running you
  • Got a question from the show? Email Paul directly:

Episode transcription

Fresh every Tuesday, for MSPs around the world. This is Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast.

Paul Green:
Hello, and welcome to the show. We only recently celebrated our 100th episode, but this

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