The Circle of Competence Podcast
The Circle of Competence Podcast
Episode #20 - Buying Wonderful Internet Businesses with Andrew Wilkinson, Founder of Tiny

This week, I spoke with Andrew Wilkinson, founder of Tiny, about buying, building, and operating internet businesses.

The Big Idea: Podcasting right now is where the internet was in 1999.

Favorite Quote: “As soon as I start doing something I don’t enjoy, I want someone else to do it and it turns out that’s a really good quality for an entrepreneur. It’s what makes an entrepreneur. Very quickly when I started my business I started delegating. And If you follow that progression over decades, the ultimate form of delegation is investing and hiring others to run your businesses.

Topics Covered:
– Business models for internet companies
– How Tiny is organized as a holding company
– Structuring incentives for executives
– Why to avoid competing with venture-backed companies
– The podcasting industry
– A local news experiment in Victoria, Canada

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