Episode 574 | The Deep Need to Be a Software Entrepreneur

In Episode 574, Rob Walling chats with Andrew Fiebert, a founder who just couldn’t get away from software. He’s a software developer, turned podcaster, turned marketer, and now he’s a software entrepreneur and on this episode, they discuss his success and struggles while building Lasso.

The topics we cover

[2:40] Introductions

[4:15] WordPress plugin with an annual subscription

[5:51] Starting a podcast

[8:00] Experiments with monetizing a podcast

[13:26] Starting Giftlab.co

[15:08] Starting another software business

[16:35] Building Lasso

[21:23] Launching without the right pricing/product

[23:32] Discovering the sticking points in the UI/UX

[29:29] Freemium vs paid users

[31:06] The biggest struggle with building Lasso

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