Episode 588 | In Which Courtland Allen and I Cover a Lot of Startups Topics

In Episode 588, Rob Walling chats with Courtland Allen about a wide range of bootstrapper and indie hacker topics including the struggles with motivation/depression, bootstrapping today, fighting the urge to quit, and frameworks for getting your first dollar.

The topics we cover

[3:43] Hiring a podcast producer

[6:21] Letting go in business

[7:09] Invite-only experiment on Indie Hackers

[16:03] Thinking about the future

[20:47] Financial freedom and starting a business

[25:05] Depression as a founder and rediscovering purpose

[37:10] Fighting the urge to quit

[41:10] Getting your first dollar

[52:35] The bootstrapper scene in 2010 and the relevance of bootstrapping

Links from the show

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