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Episode 8: Chase Jarvis, Master Photographer
The Tim Ferriss Show

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Chase Jarvis is a master photographer and the CEO of He is the youngest person ever to be named a Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master, and ASMP Master.Since opening his own studio, Chase has photographed for Nike, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, REI, Honda, Subaru, Polaroid, Lady Gaga, Red Bull, and many more. He is known for a hyper-kinetic style and an emphasis on sports, lifestyle, and portraiture., of which he’s CEO, is an online learning platform that broadcasts live, high-definition classes to more than 2M students in 200 countries. All classes are free to watch while live and can be purchased for repeated viewing. They are amazing. Teachers include Pulitzer Prize winners, business luminaries, and beyond.In this conversation, we explore his personal story, the most important choices he’s made, common mistakes of “creative” professionals (or people in general), and how he reached the pinnacle of his industry. His lessons learned can be applied almost anywhere.For full show notes, please visit Say hello to Chase on Twitter at @chasejarvis. Enjoy!


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