Faceoff: Should Speakers be Paid for Virtual Events with Nathan Wrigley

Back in October, I wrote a blog post called, “We Need to Talk About Speakers and Virtual Events.” I outlined how I believe speakers should be treated when it comes to virtual events; See I feel like too many virtual event organizers treat speakers as their marketing arm too. Shortly after, my friend Nathan Wrigley reached out. See, he is a virtual event organizer. In fact, I’ve spoken at his events! We wanted to have a debate of sorts, so we recorded it. It was a truly fantastic conversation. I certainly learned a lot, and I think you will too!

Top Takeaways:

  • Be communicative with your speakers and manage expectations.
  • Doing the affiliate program well can net a lot of money for you without a TON of effort.
  • It all depends on where you are in your speaker journey, and what your ultimate goal for speaking it. One peice of advice: choose events wisely.

Show Notes:

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