Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Forever Chemicals in Beauty Products: Everything You Need To Know

Interview with Dr. Graham Peaslee
Dr. Graham Peaslee is currently a professor at University of Notre Dame in the Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry department. Dr. Peaslee has been a part of the American Physical Society for 38 years and the American Chemical Society for 35 years. Dr. Peaslee has been published many time, most recently Dr. Peaslee was a part of a study to uncover PFAS in makeup. The paper is titled “Fluorinated Compounds in North American Cosmetics”. Dr. Peaslee joins us today as an expert in his field to talk about PFAS and their findings.
Connect with Dr. Graham Peaslee
https://chemistry.nd.edu/people/graham-peaslee/ (https://chemistry.nd.edu/people/graham-peaslee/)
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