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Get Ahead of Competitors with Keyword Research for SEO - SEMRush Keyword Gap Tool

You may have a list of keywords for your business or from your client you’re helping grow. You may have a list of your competitors’ keywords you’d like to rank number one for on search engines, but how do you go about prioritising the keywords? How do you know what keywords to go after first? With the goal of generating high-quality traffic in mind much sooner, I’ll walk you through a keyword research tutorial to find the gaps in competitor keyword strategies, so you can exploit those opportunities and rank for high-impact keywords first. I’ll show you how to expand on these keywords using SEMRush’s Keyword Gap Tool, which in my opinion is amazing for getting this data.

Hope you enjoy it!???? The experience is better as a video tutorial so check out the YouTube channel using the link below!

My name’s Neil Patel and I’m an IT guy turned growth marketer & host of the Growth Vertical podcast. This is a podcast to inspire people to reach the next vertical point in their journeys. I’ll be sitting down to share my experiences in marketing and personal growth to provide the right strategies for people to grow themselves, their careers and their businesses.

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