Greatest Hits #1 - Turning it Around: From Failure to a $100m+ Success

Suli Ali is one of the most interesting founders we’ve had on the pod.

Suli and his brother Moiz have started and sold $300m worth of companies. They’ve also invested in hundreds of big-name startups, thousands of real estate deals, and much more more.

He built small, silly apps. Like a Facebook app survey where you voted “most likely to wear a bunny costume”. Yet…it turned into a huge success. How?

When he sold his first company, it was doing $85 million in revenue and $15 million in profit.

In this episode, we discuss his journey from making $76k a year at Microsoft to selling his first company for $100,000,000+.


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Show notes:

* 8:05 – Shaan predicted this podcast would be successful…he was right!

* 9:55 – Suli’s parents encouraged him to start a company…and why that’s important.

* 24:25 – Meeting Naval – is he legit?

* 27:25 – Getting grilled by Keith Rabois

* 41:25 – Listen to Suli’s confidence and how he explains starting stuff and how he deals with downs.

* 1:02:25 – Risking his life savings to make his company work (then selling it for $100m).

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