Greatest Hits #3 - Selling a Blog For $9m with Ramon van Meer

Shaan (@ShaanVP) interviews Ramon Van Meer (@ramonvanmeer) on his journey to selling his blog. Ramon has never seen a soap opera. Yet somehow, he built the most popular soap opera blog on the planet – and was raking in millions per year! Today’s conversation is about how he got the idea and flipped a $49 WordPress theme into a multi-million dollar payday.


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Show notes:

* (7:32) Who is Ramon van Meer?

* (10:50) Why Ramon decided to focus on soap operas

* (16:25) Ramon’s mindset while building his business

* (21:31) How Ramon built a 350k mailing list with quizzes

* (30:00) How Ramon comes up with ideas for businesses

* (35:30) The moments Ramon thought he would fail

* (39:55) Why did Ramon decide to sell?

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