Greatest Hits #4 - How To Sell Your Company for $750M - Meet Vungle's Jack Smith

Jack Smith (@_jacksmith) is the most clever entrepreneur I know. He’s cofounded multiple startups: Vungle, Coin, Shyp. With Vungle recently selling for $750M, we talk about his early businesses as a kid, selling prank itching powder on the playground – all the way to his infamous “LinkedIn Hack” that got him his first $120k investment check.


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Show notes:

* (1:05) Episode Intro by Sam

* (4:10) Who is Jack Smith?

* (9:30) How Jack hustled as a 12-year-old

* (13:55) Jack on productivity and procrastination

* (21:26) How Jack raised for Vungle

* (31:13) How Shaan got his in at Monkey Inferno

* (35:16) The early iterations of Vungle

* (41:37) How Jack leveraged his beginner’s mindset

* (45:19) Jack on VC norms & selling his stock

* (49:44) What Jack would do if he was 20 again

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