Greatest Hits #7 - Revisiting The Idea Episode with Product Genius Scott Belsky

On this episode, Sam (@theSamParr) gives an update on one of Shaan’s favorite episodes, his interview with Scott Belsky. Sam revisits what Scott said a little over 18 months ago during episode #32, and shares his thoughts on Scott’s ideas today. Grab another salad, this is a good one.

#32: We’ve got a different flavor today for you. We sat down with Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky) join us today and instead of hearing his backstory, we bounced around a bunch of topics. Scott has done it all. He’s been a founder (Behance), angel investor (Uber, Pinterest), VC (Benchmark), Tech Executive (CPO of Adobe currently), and Author (The Messy Middle). So sit back, grab a salad (cause we’re healthy in 2020) and enjoy this conversation.


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Show notes:

* (0:27) Sam intro commentary

* (5:51) Sam commentary 2

* (9:10) Sam commentary 3

* (17:16) Sam commentary 4

* (23:19) Sam commentary 5

* (27:06) Sam commentary 6

* (28:31) Sam commentary 7

* (32:01) Sam commentary 8

* (36:09) Sam commentary 9

* (36:27) Sam commentary 10

* (51:37) Sam commentary 11

* (53:52) Sam commentary 12

* (55:43) Sam final commentary

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