Growing a Multilingual Newsletter (on the side!) with Maciek Palmowski

You’ve heard me say time and time again – build your list! If you want to grow your business, whether you sell products, services, or are a creator, you need to get people on your email list. And today’s guest, Maciek Palmowski, has definitely done that. He and his wife started the only Polish-language WordPress-focused newsletter (quick a niche) and grew it into quite a popular English-language newsletter. The format and process for putting it together are interesting too – making this a fantastic episode for those struggling with (or struggling to start) their newsletter. In Build Something More, we talk about what it’s like being an ESL programmer in an English-dominated market.

Top Takeaways

  • The Twitter community can be a great place for finding news and growing your list!
  • The secret to growth: stay consistent and put in the work. People will come, and share it!
  • Trial and error is super important. Try things out and see what works. See what doesn’t. Iterate quickly.

Show Notes:

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