The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show
Harshdeep Singh CEO of WrapitUp on scaling to 3.5M+ users, refusing $20M acquisition & dealing with mental health issues & how he turned it around in style!

My first ever guest is back on the show! Harshdeep Singh Hura founder of WrapItUp – a text summarizer. He appeared on show back in August 2015. We talk about how his app now has 3.5M users. Why he turned down $20 million acquisition for the app. How a anthropology course on apes was a breakthrough moment. Talks why he almost quit tech, what changed and gives us his new fresh perspective on life. He gives us great insights on mobile app design, development &marketing strategies. Talks about going from idea to MVP (starts at 25.19 take notes!) and why does not want a co-founder. Talks about becoming a pastry chef. Thoughts on Clubhouse being the next big thing. And finally we take a trip down memory lane and talk about the embarrassing first ever episode of the indian startup show.

in this conversation we talk about:

  • Starting out writing algorithms on paper & not using existing NLP algorithms
  • Being the most successful solo iPhone app developer in India (in my opinion!)
  • Taking risks in your 20’s
  • Reaction to friends and family on turning down $20million
  • Setting up Indoor Hydroponic farming space.
  • Entering the News Summarization space with a new line of products built around the WrapItUp algorithm, L.A.S.T. 5 [Linguistically Advanced Summarization Technique]
  • Is it still a good idea to build an iphone app in 2021
  • Helping salesforce administration to learn to code and then getting angry feedback from Salesforce content creators
  • Being stressed & receiving a cold email that got his life back on track
  • Growing an inch since we last spoke (6ft 9 inch)
  • Building a remote first E-commerce agency
  • Why they don’t do regular marketing to create brand awareness.
  • Hiring only fans influencers
  • How he settles arguments with his dad.
  • Why ‘luck can only take you so far!’
  • Why you shouldn’t change the world – but change one person’s world
  • Starting WrapitUp because he was too lazy to read

And much more!

Links / @kinngh on Clubhouse and Twitter / / (both available on


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