How Jason Miller Is Trying to Get Trump Back on the Internet

Social media has felt quieter without the constant ALL CAPS fury of Donald Trump, but Jason Miller is trying to change that.

Miller, who was the former president’s longtime aide and spokesman, recently took a new gig running a social media platform called Gettr, which claims to be a haven from censorship and cancel culture. It may sound a little like Parler 2.0, but the game-changer for Gettr — which has a little under two million users — would be if Miller can get Trump to create an account and get back online.

In this conversation, Kara Swisher asks Miller how he intends to get Trump to log on, challenges him on his claims that Twitter and Facebook are out to censor conservatives and presses him about how content moderation works on his platform. And they discuss the question on everyone’s mind: Is Trump likely to run again in 2024?

You can find transcripts (posted midday) and more information for all episodes at, and you can find Kara on Twitter @karaswisher.

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