How Kelly Roach Used The Live Launch Method To Quickly Build An 8-Figure Coaching Business That Focuses On *Gasp* Retention!

How Kelly Roach Used The Live Launch Method To Quickly Build An 8-Figure Coaching Business That Focuses On Gasp Retention!

In this episode, we sit down with Kelly Roach, the CEO and founder of Unstoppable Entrepreneur, an online business incubator that helps CEOs scale their business. In today’s show, we find out from Kelly what this process looks like, how Unstoppable Entrepreneurs nurture their clients, and why live launches helped accelerate Unstoppable Entrepreneur’s growth. We kick off the episode by finding out more about Kelly and her background, as well as her business. Kelly shares details about the Unstoppable Entrepreneur customer journey, where clients learn skills like revenue competence, audience building, and how to stand out in the market. Following this, we hear about how accountability sets Kelly’s business apart from similar services. Kelly uses dozens of touchpoints throughout her program on a weekly basis, like a live Facebook group, for example. Building on this, she then delves into what has given her business so much success. Listeners will benefit from hearing about live launches, and how they became one of Kelly’s most important tools in business. The live launch method, as Kelly tells us, was born from a series of failures, and was used as a slow build to accumulate clients through social selling. To hear more about how you can scale your business, be sure to join us today!


  • [00:24] Today’s guest is Kelly Roach, CEO, and founder of Unstoppable Entrepreneur.
  • [00:50] Kelly shares information about herself and Unstoppable Entrepreneur.
  • [01:12] What Kelly focusses on with her Unstoppable Entrepreneur business.
  • [01:44] The market-type that Kelly targets.
  • [02:32] The skills Kelly brings from her Fortune 500 background.
  • [02:51] Kelly’s client sweet spot.
  • [03:24] Kelly describes the client journey for Unstoppable Entrepreneur sign-ups.
  • [04:34] What conviction means to Kelly and what it implies for her core offering.
  • [08:16] Why accountability is a game-changer and what it can do for you.
  • [09:15] How Kelly keeps her clients accountable.
  • [11:32] Hear some of the numbers of Kelly’s business.
  • [15:20] We talk about the importance of retention and long-term thinking.
  • [18:10] Kelly shares how to hire the right people, the right way.
  • [19:54] The most effective thing Kelly has been doing for customer acquisition.
  • [22:15] How Kelly makes the live structure work for her brand and customer acquisition.
  • [23:17] Kelly details how she structures her offerings.
  • [24:56] Then, Kelly expands on what the daily structure of her course looks like.
  • [27:14] Kelly’s business journey so far.
  • [29:20] The method to Kelly’s book funnels.
  • [31:02] One must-read book Kelly recommends to listeners.
  • [31:44] A helpful tool that Kelly uses to aid her success.
  • [32:24] That’s it for today!

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