How to Create 1 Year of Content in 1 Day with Elizabeth Pampalone

Often, when it comes to launching, writing, recording, building funnels, or whatever else it is we need to do, it’s easy to start because we’re motivated. But the longer a project goes on, the harder it can be. The more frustrating it can get. And the more likely quality starts to go out the window. Well, today’s guest, Elizabeth Pampalone, has a solution: get it all done in 1 day. From launching websites to writing a full year of blog posts, Elizabeth’s process of blocking off a whole day and walking with her clients through a tried and true framework has proven successful. Here is how she does it. Plus, in Build something more, we chat about early businesses and how to handle premium products for clients.

Top Takeaways

  • Implementing is the hardest part of the work for most people – building that into a day, and into your schedule helps you ship.
  • You need a “Deep Work” style day to get the work done. Eliminate distractions and context switching.
  • Checklists are a huge help. They reduce the mental energy of figuring out what to do next so you can just do.

Show Notes

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