How to Get More Traffic Through Back Links and Cold Outreach with Andy Cabasso

Look. I get tons of backlinks and cold outreach every day. It’s frustrating and annoying. It’s frustrating and annoying because it’s blanket cold outreach. The people reaching out don’t know me and are just swinging wildly. There’s gotta be a better way, right? That’s what Andy Cabasso is here to talk about. How can YOU get effective with your cold outreach to grow your traffic and your business? It’s a great conversation. Plus in BSM we talk about domain authority.

Top Takeaways

  • People doing outreach need to recognize that content creators are getting pitched to constantly. It’s SUPER important to personalize to prove you actually did the research.
  • When it comes to cold outreach, one of the most important aspect is the follow up!
  • When you create content, you should spend as much time promoting it as you did creating it. Organic SEO is great, but competitive.

Show Notes:

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