How to Properly Niche and Grow Your Membership with Corey Haines

A few weeks ago, we heard from John Warrillow about why we need to make subscriptions a core part of our businesses. Someone who’s done that really well is a marketer and fellow creator Corey Haines. As we recorded this, he was going through the biggest change his membership has seem: consolidation of offerings, niching down, and increasing the price. And it was the best month of the membership to date. Listen on to find why and how he did it. Plus, in what I think is the best Build Something More yet, we talk about pricing: how to price as a creator, offerings, and price to value ratios.

Top Takeaways:

  • On subscription fatigue: Don’t conflate consumer subscriptions with business subscriptions. Consumers get fatigued more than businesses.
  • Early on, as a creator you could basically just ask for money and people would support you. Now it’s about the right value proposition. If you don’t get it right, you won’t survive.
  • Niching down allows you to focus, get the right value prop, AND charge more.

Show Notes:

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