Jaimal Yogis – Facing Fear with Mindfulness and Love
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Jaimal Yogis’ Wild Idea: To run away from home as a teen and learn to surf in Hawaii. Then, join a Buddhist Monastery. Next, head to head to Columbia Journalism School and become an award-winning journalist, and then the award-winning author of Saltwater Buddah, the best seller The Fear Project (where Jaimal surfed Maverick’s), Turtles Don’t Surf (an illustrated kids books), and soon to be released book, All Waves Are Water, due out by Harper Wave this July of 2017.

As a teen, Jaimal ran away from home to Hawaii where he found surfing. He also learned to meditate. This path lead him to life as a journalist and writer. The author of the science-based book, The Fear Project and memoir Saltwater Buddah, Jaimal has a brand new book, All Waves are Water that talks about surfing, God, mindfulness and love. It’s an important read for the era and Jaimal gives us a sneak peek into the story.

Listen To This Episode If:

– You need a dose of mindfulness, or are curious about the practice.

– Love the ocean and/or surfing.

– Are curious about being a writer.

– Want to know how to scientifically conquer fear to do things like surf giant waves or commit to something big.

– Have ever read one of Jaimal’s books.

For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/10

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