The Voice of Retail
The Voice of Retail
Joy as a Career Strategy: Alex Waldman, Co-Founder of Universal Standard on Conversations with CommerceNext

Welcome to the The Voice of Retail , I’m your host Michael LeBlanc, and this podcast is brought to you in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada.

On this special episode I am thrilled to be sharing with you my interview with Universal Standard Co-founder and Canadian retailer Alexandra Waldman with a special Conversations with CommerceNext podcast edition of The Voice of Retail.

I launched Conversations with CommerceNext podcast with my partners CommerceNext co-founders Veronika Sonsev and Scott Silverman in early June, and its been an amazing start with a great audience. Check it out where you enjoy your podcasts today.

So here is my full length feature interview with Alex from women’s apparel retailer Universal Standard

Who just last week, The Times of London called “the most revolutionary brand in fashion.”

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I’m your host Michael LeBlanc, President of M.E. LeBlanc & Company, and if you’re looking for more content, or want to chat follow me on LinkedIn, or visit my website!

Until next time, stay safe and have a great week!

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