Remarkable Retail
Remarkable Retail
Kara Goldin, Founder & CEO of Hint, is Undaunted, and Our Very Special Guest

This week’s special guest is Kara Goldin, CEO and Founder of Hint, the No.1 non-sweetened beverage company not owned by Coke, Pepsi or Dr.Pepper in America and the bestselling author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts & Doubters

We learn about Kara’s journey from tech executive to food entrepreneur, motivated by her desire to find healthier beverage options. It’s a fascinating story of perseverance and pivots, starting with Kara and her husband boot-strapping their way into Whole Foods to triumphantly creating a whole new category and and evolving Hint into a powerful omni-channel brand with strong wholesale, direct-to-consumer distribution and, now, even a store! We also get Kara’s perspective on striking the right balance between wholesale and going direct–lessons that all brands can benefit from.

But first we open up the episode with our quick takes on recent retail news that caught our attention, including Camp’s rather ironic move into a former Toys R Us space. We also learn that Amazon processed more in the value of product returns than Target sold the old fashioned way last year and that the soon to be world’s biggest retailer has (as yet) undisclosed plans for a small space in a Texas mall. We wrap up by unpacking Adobe’s holiday e-commerce forecast and try to make sense of Crocs continued remarkable success.

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., best known for its award-winning Hint® water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Fortune’s Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California. The Huffington Post listed her as one of six disruptors in business, alongside Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Kara has successfully navigated the world of large companies and startups in many industries including media, tech and consumer products. In addition, she understands retail and direct to consumer well. She is an active speaker & writer and hosts the podcast The Kara Goldin Show where she interviews founders, entrepreneurs and other disruptors across various industries. Kara’s first book, Undaunted, published by Harper Leadership, was released in October 2020. She lives in the Bay Area. Follow Kara on all social handles @KaraGoldin

Steve Dennis is an advisor, keynote speaker and author on strategic growth and business innovation. You can learn more about Steve on his website. The expanded and revised edition of his bestselling book Remarkable Retail: How To Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption is now available at Amazon or just about anywhere else books are sold. Steve regularly shares his insights in his role as a Forbes senior contributor and on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also check out his speaker “sizzle” reel here.

Michael LeBlanc is the Founder & President of M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc and a Senior Advisor to Retail Council of Canada as part of his advisory and consulting practice. He brings 25+ years of brand/retail/marketing & eCommerce leadership experience, and has been on the front lines of retail industry change for his entire career. Michael is the producer and host of a network of leading podcasts including Canada’s top retail industry podcast, The Voice of Retail, plus Global E-Commerce Tech Talks and The Food Professor with Dr. Sylvain Charlebois. You can learn more about Michael here or on LinkedIn.

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