Next Question with Katie Couric
Next Question with Katie Couric
Katie’s book tour extravaganza episode!

On this episode of Next Question, the last of the season, Katie is sharing some moments from her whirlwind book tour. After “Going There” came out in late October, Katie criss-crossed the country to bring the book — and her personal and professional life — to in-person audiences (such a novelty!) in nine different cities. Katie shared parts of her childhood, her rise to “Today Show” host, the journey to media entrepreneur, as well as the loss of her husband Jay and her second chance at love. She also brought some famous friends along, from Ina Garten and Kim and Brad Paisley, to Kara Swisher and Leslie Jordan (more on those interviews in special bonus episodes to come). But on today’s episode, Katie is bringing conversations with some people you may not know, but should. These are people who Katie met along the way who were at the center of some of the biggest news stories of her career, from 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, to the country’s gun violence epidemic. These are ordinary people who responded to extraordinary events in inspiring and life-changing ways.

Find out more about the organizations mentioned in this podcast:
50 Legs
Purpose over Pain
Aimee Copeland Foundation
Oral Lee Brown Foundation

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