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Kelly Clark – How to Be The Most Winning Half-Pipe Snowboarder Ever
Wild Ideas Worth Living

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Kelly’s Wild Idea: To be the top half-pipe snowboarder, and inspire others to achieve their highest potential.

Kelly Clark is an Olympic snowboarder and author. She has over seventy wins under her belt, including 10 X-Games medals (nine of them gold), and four trips to the Olympics (with a gold in Salt Lake City).

She is also one of my favorite snowboarders of all time, with an incredible sense of style and a ton of wisdom she’s learned over her storied career. We talked about recovering from hip surgery just last year, what it takes to be an Olympic athlete, her faith, success, and more.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You snowboard.
  • You’ve recovered from a surgery or injury.
  • You love the Olympics.
  • You’re a spiritual person.
  • You believe in teaching others and supporting youth.

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