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Lazy Leadership by Andrew Wilkinson

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This week’s episode features an article written by Andrew Wilkinson, the co-founder of Tiny, a venture capital firm that has helped to build over 25 profitable internet businesses over the last 15 years.

In this article, Andrew describes what “Lazy Leadership” is, the importance of delegation, why you need to build the machine (not the product), and how to accomplish all of this.

Listen to the episode now or read the full article: Lazy Leadership: Why I rarely go to the office, only see my team a couple of times a week, and let other people make important decisions

“By conventional terms, I’m lazy. You’re thinking it, I said it. Guilty as charged. But despite all this, I’ve somehow managed to start a group of companies with over 200 employees and invested in more than 30 other companies along the way. All this from someone who rarely gets out of bed before noon.”

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