Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Less than 10% of the Waste Created in Salon is Curbside Recyclable

Interview with Jennifer Wolanik
GLO launched in the beginning of 2020 – right before the pandemic hit. Now they are launching the Salon Green Dreams campaign as a way to help green-minded salons achieve their zero-landfill goals, despite the financial difficulties of this past year.
“It’s essential that stylists and clients are wearing PPE to stay safe during the pandemic, but a by-product of these necessary safety measures is a significant amount of extra waste coming out of salons. Without a specialty recycler, all of these items will go to a landfill by default,” said Jennifer Wolanik, Marketing Manager for GLO, in a press statement. “This past year has been incredibly difficult for salons and we wanted to create a program that enabled salons to avoid having to choose between safety and sustainability.”
Jennifer Wolanik is the marketing manager for https://glorecycling.com/ (GLO), a specialty salon recycling company. GLO Recycling, fueled by g2 revolution (g2), is a specialty recycling solutions company that creates innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for waste generated in the salon industry. g2 utilizes cost-effective recycling programs covering a variety of products and materials sold in public venues, as well as brick-and-mortar stores. g2 provides environmentally friendly and scalable solutions for everything from general waste to hazardous chemicals.
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