Leadership Activators
Leadership Activators
Leveraging your business with productive insights | Ash Roy | Leadership Activators Global Edition #17

In this episode, Carole Issa talks with Ash Roy, founder of Productive Insights about his entrepreneurial journey and the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way.

Some of the key themes that Carole explores with Ash:

  • 1’27” Leveraging your strengths
  • 2’43” The defining moment that put him on his entrepreneurial path
  • 4’39” What he learned from creating his successful podcast
  • 7’07” Who has inspired Ash on his entrepreneurial journey
  • 11’47” Making a difference while being worried about making money to keep the business afloat
  • 13’34” The top 3 mistakes that entrepreneurs make when marketing their business online
  • 17’04” Ash’s definition of success
  • 17’32” What drives Ash to do what he does
  • 18’10” Loving the complex and attempting to simplify it
  • 24’07” The biggest challenges that Ash faced early on in his journey
  • 24’54” The trap of looking for shortcuts
  • 26’41” The meaning of the word leadership
  • 30’30” And an exciting project that Ash is working on
  • 31’43” A book that Ash would recommend
  • 36’37” A 30-day challenge that

After a corporate career in finance and strategy, that spanned 15 years in large multinational corporations, a CPA, and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (Distinction), Ash founded Productive Insights in 2013. Productive Insights’ passion is to partner with small business owners to help them grow sustainably and profitably using strategies that actually work.

Ash also hosts a successful podcast called Productive Insights Podcast with over 200 episodes. It features some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs including Seth Godin (episode 200), Guy Kawasaki (episode 210), Rand Fishkin (episodes 38, 126 & 159), Neil Patel (episodes 1&212), Ryan Deiss (episode 170), Amy Porterfield (episodes 145 & 201), Sonia Simone (episodes 107,108 & 144), Noah Kagan (episode 147), and many others. You can access it via this link: https://www.ProductiveInsights.com/podcast

More recently Ash launched the Productive Insights membership program where he works with a close-knit international community of business owners to help each other grow their businesses using digital marketing strategies that focus on important (not just urgent) activities that really move the needle in their business and increase their profit per hour.

You can learn more at: https://www.productiveinsights.com/membership

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